Using Fraud Management Filters

You can use PayPal to monitor transactions for fraud and determine the effectiveness of your Fraud Management Filters.

Accepting and Denying Payments

You can use the Fraud Management Filters-related features from the Transaction History page.

You can accept or deny a pending payment from the Transaction History page,:

You can also view the transaction details to help you make a decision about whether to accept or deny a payment as shown below. The reason that the transaction is pending, waiting for your review is explained at the bottom of this page:

Monitoring Fraud Management Filters Performance

You can monitor the effect of choosing various Fraud Management Filters.

The Fraud Management Filters Performance Monitor enables you to graphically view the monetary effect of your filter settings. You can use the monitor to quickly review the effect of your filter settings and make decisions to balance risk and convenience. The monitor presents three bars that shows activity for the time period that you specify:

  • the monetary volume and percentage of payments accepted after Fraud Management Filters have been applied
  • the monetary volume and percentage of payments that are pending review
  • the monetary volume and percentage of payments denied after Fraud Management Filters have been applied

The Performance Monitor also shows the number and total monetary effect of the filters that have been triggered during the specified time period.

Using Fraud Management Filters with Virtual Terminal

You can use Fraud Management Filters to manage risk while using Virtual Terminal.

Consider an example in which your Fraud Management Filter settings are set to deny payments over $100 and to review payments of $10 or more if the address has not been confirmed:

When you enter a transaction for $20 net using Virtual Terminal, the payment is pended and you are prompted to accept or deny the transaction:

Note: You are not required to accept or deny the payment immediately. You can start a new transaction, in which case, you can view the transaction history or details and accept or deny the original payment later.

If you accept the payment, Virtual Terminal processes the transaction normally:

If you deny the payment, Virtual Terminal does not process the transaction.

For more information, you can review the transaction details:

Consider another Virtual Terminal transaction, this one in which the total payment amount is $110:

In this example, the maximum amount filter automatically denies the payment because it exceeds $100.

You can use the Fraud Management Filters transaction search capability to help detect payment fraud.

You can search the transaction history for filtered transactions. To search, select Fraud Activity as the history you want to show and select any of the triggers shown below:

The following search presents the results of a search for potentially fraudulent payments detected by the Maximum Transaction Amount filter, including both those that have been denied or pended for your review:

You can examine the transaction details of these payments in the same way as any other transaction. You can also accept or deny pended payments listed in the history.