About PayPal Developer Documentation

We're designing PayPal Developer to better help you implement end-to-end payment solutions. Instead of a series of products, we're introducing a platform experience with PayPal Commerce Platform.

For over 20 years, PayPal has focused on creating powerful tools to drive global commerce. We serve over 300 million consumers and 20 million sellers around the world.

Behind every successful PayPal integration is a developer. We're proud to roll out a new documentation experience based on developer feedback.

Our mission

We want to help you:

  • Accept payments
  • Make payments
  • Manage risk
  • Streamline operations
  • Grow your business faster

Our new portal supports you while you:

  • Discover the right solutions
  • Develop great payment experiences
  • Connect with a community of passionate developers

Our platform

PayPal Commerce Platform can help you run and grow businesses of all sizes:

  • Reach over 300 million PayPal customers through a single integration. Manage business funds in one place, no matter where you sell.
  • Protect business and customers with built-in buyer and seller protection. Customers around the world will have a secure checkout whether they are online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person.
  • Manage cash flow with instant access to funds. Grow with our business financing solutions.

Note: Learn more about PayPal Commerce Platform on paypal.com.

What's new?

We've improved our documentation to cover you before, during, and after you integrate our products.


We've made it easier to find solutions on PayPal Developer by adding:

  • A link to PayPal Developer from the top menu of paypal.com
  • Links to PayPal Developer on paypal.com solution pages
  • Improved search


We've redesigned our integration guides by creating:

  • A new developer home page
  • A universal getting started page
  • Platform documentation for small and medium businesses
  • Updated platform documentation for marketplaces and platforms
  • A home page for our enterprise solutions


We've supported our developer community by launching:

  • A developer email program
  • Tech Talk developer events
  • A united experience across online channels
  • New feedback tools so you can help us improve

What's changed?

We've updated our integration guides and terminology to make integrating PayPal even better.

Integration guides

Our integration guides have consistent sections to guide you through each integration:

Section Description
On this page Contents of the guide
Know before you code Key information before you begin
How it works Description of the feature
Steps Step-by-step instructions and code to complete the integration. This includes sample requests and responses, code modifications, and step results
Next steps Suggestions for when you complete the integration
See also Related topics


Some of our terms have changed in our shift to platform-based solutions.

Previous term New term
Smart Payment Button Checkout
Standard Card Fields Basic credit and debit card payments
Connected Path Upfront Onboarding Onboard sellers before payment
Connected Path Progressive Onboarding Onboard sellers after payment
Downloadable Shopping Cart Onboarding Build onboarding into your software

Thank you

Designing PayPal Developer is iterative. Select the Feedback tab on our site to tell us what you think.