Testing and Go Live

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Test your integration by using the Braintree sandbox access token generated in your PayPal Developer Dashboard. This will allow you to:

  • Create sandbox buyer accounts — these are PayPal accounts that will allow you to test the PayPal checkout flow
  • Send transaction data to PayPal's sandbox environment

After you have the above set up, you can run through the various transaction methods (submit for settlement, refund, void) with the payment method nonce your server receives after the sandbox buyer completes the checkout flow. Be sure to check the result objects for each of the calls you make.

Go Live

Follow these steps to transition from working in a sandbox setup to creating live transactions with your production account.

Live configuration

To obtain your Braintree production credentials:

  1. Log into your PayPal console and navigate to your Access Token page.
  2. Click "Request Credentials". New Braintree SDK credentials will be generated for your account. You can display previously generated credentials by clicking "Show".
  3. In your server code, update the access token used to construct your gateway object with the production access token.
  4. Enable additional currencies, if needed.

No client updates needed

Your client obtains its client token from your server, which is all the configuration it needs.

Test transactions in production

It is important to test your production account by creating a couple of low-value transactions. Be sure to submit the transactions for settlement, and then confirm that the funds have deposited into your bank account. This typically happens a few days after they have settled.

Happy coding!

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