Feature PayPal Prominently

Important: PayPal supports these Checkout integrations:

  • Smart Payment Buttons, which use the PayPal JavaScript SDK. Valid from February 2019 for new integrations.
  • Checkout with checkout.js. Valid before February 2019. Customers who use checkout.js can access reference and support material in this Checkout guide. However, PayPal does not update checkout.js with new features and enhancements.

Feature the PayPal button on all pages that initiate checkout. Also show PayPal alongside other acceptance marks – including split tender and buy online, pickup in-store – giving it equal prominence and function.

Including PayPal branding early in the checkout experience helps increase site conversion. You can also attract new customers to your site by announcing PayPal acceptance.

See the research


Feature the PayPal button on pages that initiate checkout, such as product pages.

PayPal Badge

Include PayPal badges early in the shopping flow, such as on home and product pages.

PayPal Badge on Home Page

Add the PayPal acceptance mark to the footer alongside other payment marks.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Note: Research and Insights

Help increase site conversion

  • On average, PayPal customers complete their transactions 88.7% of the time. – Source: comScore online panel, Q4 2017. Analyzed shopping behavior at 20 large merchant sites across categories utilizing its 1M US consumer panel
  • More than two times as many people (56%) trust PayPal over competing digital wallets. – Source: Kelton Research as commissioned by PayPal; online survey administered to 2,115 Americans aged 18+, June 2018


Implement the Pay Now experience.