Pass Accurate Billing and Shipping Information

Important: PayPal supports these Checkout integrations:

  • Smart Payment Buttons, which use the PayPal JavaScript SDK. Valid from February 2019 for new integrations.
  • Checkout with checkout.js. Valid before February 2019. Customers who use checkout.js can access reference and support material in this Checkout guide. However, PayPal does not update checkout.js with new features and enhancements.

When redirecting customers back to your site from PayPal, help prevent fraud by passing PayPal the payment details provided by the customer. Accurately populate and display the selected payment method, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, and email address.

In addition, show PayPal-selected shipping and usage marks on review pages.


Populate checkout page with customer information.

Redirect to Checkout


Provide clear error messaging and resolution paths.