Important: The NVP/SOAP integration method for Invoicing is Deprecated. For new integrations, see the REST Invoicing Overview.

Merchants, developers, and business solution providers use Invoicing APIs to automate the creation, delivery, tracking, and reconciliation of invoices with an integrated payments solution.

How it works

To initiate a request for payment, merchants initiate an API call to PayPal. Customers receive the invoice via email and click on an included link to view the invoice on PayPal's website. Customers who have a PayPal account can log into their PayPal accounts to pay the invoice. Invoices paid using PayPal are usually paid to the merchant's PayPal account right away. Customers can also pay using a check, debit, or credit card.

When business service providers call the Invoicing APIs on merchants' behalf, the merchant authorizes the Partner to manage their invoices. The provider uses PayPal's Permissions Service to obtain the merchant's authorization.

Why use Invoicing APIs

Using the Invoicing APIs, merchants can:

  • Automatically send invoices to customers, making it easier for them to pay.
  • Automate their accounts receivable workflow and track payments more easily.
  • Present invoices including their company logo, detailed business information, address, itemized sales information, discounts, shipping costs, tax, and more.
  • Record invoices that customers pay using cash or check.
  • Search invoices based on payment status, payee, and more.

Business service providers can add invoicing as an additional service for merchant customers.

How to get started

To implement Invoicing APIs:

  1. Check your account status. Log into PayPal.

    Click your profile name in the top right corner of your account and then click Account Settings.

    In the left menu, click My settings to confirm that your Account Type is either Premier or Business, or upgrade your account.
  2. Check your API settings. Log into PayPal and access your profile as described in the preceding step. In the left menu, click My selling tools. In the Selling online section, click Update next to API access, and then click the Request API credentials link to request an API signature or certificate. If you have already established your API signature or certificate, click the View API Signature or View API Certificate link to verify your API access.
  3. For reference information on the Invoicing APIs, see the PayPal NVP/SOAP API Reference
  4. To get your application live, follow the steps outline in Apps 101.

Once you've verified that your implementation works correctly, you are now ready to go live.

U.S. fees

PayPal does not charge a fee to use the Invoicing APIs.

International availability and fees

You can use Invoicing APIs in any country where PayPal is accepted. The fee for receiving payments varies by country. For more information, see the international information provided on the PayPal Merchant Fees page.

Developer and Merchant Support

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Invoicing Development Resources

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