Important: Adaptive Accounts and Adaptive Payments are no longer available for new integrations. PayPal provides documentation for these APIs to support existing integrations.

PayPal's permissions service enables you to request and obtain authorization to make API calls and take action on behalf of your customers. The service is automated and easy to use. The service walks customers through permissions and what they mean.

Permissions are organized in groups that are self-descriptive and help lower the barrier to onboard your customers. When the customer finishes the permissions flow, they are redirected to your site.

Why Use the Permissions Service API?

  • Get your customers (merchants or consumers) on-boarded quickly and easily
  • Customers get simple, non-technical explanation of permissions being granted
  • Permissions make it possible for you to perform actions on their behalf
  • Integrated workflow simplifies granting authorization and streamlines on-boarding process

Available Permissions

During the permissions workflow, you can request authorization for the following permission groups.

PayPal Payments

  • Use Express Checkout to process payments
  • Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions
  • Use Express Checkout to process mobile payments
  • Dynamically encrypt PayPal payment buttons on your web site
  • Authorize transactions with Universal Air Travel Plans
  • Create and manage PayPal payment buttons on your behalf

Credit Card Payments

  • Process your customers’ credit or debit card payments


  • Initiate transactions to multiple recipients in a single batch

Recurring Payments

  • Obtain authorization for pre-approved payments and initiate pre-approved transactions
  • Create and manage recurring payments
  • Process a payment based on a prior transaction

Transaction Information

  • Obtain transaction-specific information
  • Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results
  • Obtain your PayPal account balance
  • Accept or deny a pending transaction held by fraud management filters


  • Refund a transaction on your behalf
  • Issue a credit to a debit or credit card


  • Consolidate funds made to two or more child accounts into a primary account
  • Provide reporting for consolidated funds

Resources for Getting Started

To use the Permissions Service, see the Permissions Service Get Started. For a complete overview, see the Permissions Service Integration Guide.

Developer and Merchant Support

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Getting Started

Development and Integration

  • Permissions Service Guide (HTML)

API Reference



  • You can choose to download the Permissions Service SDK. See NVP/SOAP API SDKs for information about the SDKs.