Recurring Payments


Monetizing your app through subscriptions, freemium or pay as you go models. With recurring payments, you can bill customers on a regular basis at intervals that you choose.

Recurring payments are easy to manage

You can create:

  • Fixed amount subscriptions: For example, enabling membership dues or subscriptions.
  • Variable amount subscriptions: For example, payments for metered services like software as a service, or bill payments.
  • Preapprovals and reference transactions: For example, payments for per-use access to your app store or to online gaming.

Choose the product that meets your needs

To start accepting recurring payments we offer a few different product choices.

Integrate a customizable web checkout subscription with Website Payment Standard and Express Checkout, Accept credit cards for subscriptions with Payflow Pro, and Payflow Link and Website Payments Pro Customize your subscription experience.

Product/Service Subscriptions with fixed amount Subscriptions with variable amounts Preapprovals and reference transactions

PayPal Payments Standard


Express Checkout


PayPal Pro / Payflow

  1. Website Payments Pro and PayPal Pro / Payflow require you to process credit card data directly on your own site or application. To use either of these solutions, you must adhere to all PCI Compliance Standards.
  2. Only customers with PayPal Accounts can use Express Checkout to make recurring payments.

Developer and Merchant Support