Sending Billing and Invoice Statements


A business needs to set up an invoicing system to generate the various payment requests associated with their account receivables.

Sample Scenario

CarGo, an auto parts supplier, generates bills for each shipment and it wants to implement a system that can send out electronic invoices for each order fulfilled. CarGo can generate reports and track the invoices by payment status, the payor, and so forth.


CarGo can use the PayPal Invoicing APIs to implement their billing system.

They use CreateAndSendInvoice to send a invoices to each of their payors. The electronic invoices are customized with the CarGo logo, and they contain the details each of item charged to the payor. A PayPal button is included at the bottom of the invoices, which lets customers use PayPal to pay their invoices.

The Invoicing Service is robust enough to set up a full invoicing system. The Invoicing APIs let you update, cancel, and search invoices, and you can also get invoice status details, and mark invoices as paid.

The following guides describe the basics for setting up and sending invoices:

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