Customize the messaging

Learn about the customization options you can use to modify the style and layout. If you want to explore these options and get the resulting code snippets, see the interactive messaging tool.

Note: The interactive messaging tool requires a PayPal account to login.

Product or cart amount

If you pass an amount value to each message, the SDK can render more specific messages that bring more value to you and your customers. Without an amount, the SDK falls back to a more generalized message that, while still effective, has a weaker value proposition to your customers.

For your product detail and product list pages, set the data-pp-amount attribute to the product's price. For your cart or checkout pages, set the attribute to the total cart value.


<div data-pp-message data-pp-placement="product" data-pp-amount="200.00"></div>

Page type

Use the data-pp-placement attribute to help the SDK identify the type of page where a message appears. This data is processed and presented to you on the analytics dashboard in your merchant account. In this way, you can view the performance breakdown of these messages across different page types on your website.

This attribute accepts home, category, product, cart, and payment as values.


<div data-pp-message data-pp-placement="product"></div>

Note: The page type attribute is only for your analytics dashboard and doesn't affect the rendered message.

Next steps

Learn about layout and style options if your customers are based in the US.

Learn about layout and style options if your customers are based in the UK.

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