Subscriptions error handling

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Error handling

An error includes:

  • The error name and description.
  • A link to error-related documentation.
  • A debug ID.
  • Error details.

API errors

HTTP status code Error name Message Details
400 INVALID_REQUEST Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema. A required field is missing.
401 AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE Authorization error occurred. Authorization error occurred. Check your credentials.
403 NOT_AUTHORIZED Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions. You do not have permission to access or perform operations on this resource.
404 RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND The specified resource does not exist. Requested resource ID was not found.
422 UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation. Invalid plan status for activate action; plan status should be either inactive or created.
500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR An internal server error has occurred. Resend the request at another time. If this error continues, contact PayPal Merchant Technical Support.

Sample error response

  "name": "INVALID_REQUEST",
  "message": "Request is not well-formed, syntactically incorrect, or violates schema",
  "debug_id": "6u3y6fca61718",
  "details": [{
    "field": "/plan_id",
    "description": "A required field is missing.",
    "location": "body"
  "links": [{
    "href": "",
    "rel": "information_link",
    "method": "GET"