Subscriptions webhooks

DocsCurrentLast updated: October 6th 2021, @ 7:10:14 pm

A webhook is an HTTP callback that receives notification messages for events. See configure webhooks for more details.

PayPal APIs use webhooks for event notification. Most subscription-related actions trigger webhook events:

Webhook Trigger Related method
CATALOG.PRODUCT.CREATED A product is created. Create product
CATALOG.PRODUCT.UPDATED A product is updated. Update product
PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED A payment is made on a subscription.
PAYMENT.SALE.REFUNDED A merchant refunds a sale.
PAYMENT.SALE.REVERSED A payment is reversed on a subscription.
BILLING.PLAN.CREATED A billing plan is created. Create plan
BILLING.PLAN.UPDATED A billing plan is updated. Update plan
BILLING.PLAN.ACTIVATED A billing plan is activated. Activate plan
BILLING.PLAN.PRICING-CHANGE.ACTIVATED A price change for the plan is activated. Update pricing
BILLING.PLAN.DEACTIVATED A billing plan is deactivated. Deactivate plan
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CREATED A subscription is created. Create subscription
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.ACTIVATED A subscription is activated. Activate subscription
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.UPDATED A subscription is updated. Update subscription
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.EXPIRED A subscription expires. Show subscription details
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CANCELLED A subscription is cancelled. Cancel subscription
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.SUSPENDED A subscription is suspended. Suspend subscription
BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.PAYMENT.FAILED Payment failed on subscription. Subscription failed payment details