Smart Payment Buttons Reference


Learn about advanced options for various features, parameters, and integration styles for Smart Payment Buttons.

Note: This integration uses the PayPal JavaScript SDK. If you're looking for the checkout.js integration, see the archived Checkout integration guide.

Task Description
Customize the SDK script The PayPal Javascript SDK includes optimized, default values and buttons for different funding sources. However, you can customize the SDK and buttons for your use cases. Learn how to add these customizations and the values you can set.
Call the Orders API from your server PayPal provides client-side shortcuts to help you complete a transaction with minimal server integration. You can also make calls to PayPal APIs directly from your server to integrate PayPal more closely with your backend systems, services, and databases. Learn how to change your integration to call these APIs.
Upgrade your integration If you are using a previous version of the PayPal Checkout integration, including custom buttons, full-page redirects, or checkout.js, PayPal recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of the integration. Learn how to upgrade from any of the previous integrations.