Internet Explorer and Edge


The PayPal Button and Checkout components are unable to run in Internet Explorer and Edge intranet or trusted modes because they prevent the script from interfacing correctly with iframes and popup windows.

Will intranet/trusted mode affect me?

If you are a customer browsing an online store in Internet Explorer or Edge, intranet or trusted mode is normally not enabled.

The only time intranet or trusted mode is enabled and causes problems is when all of the following are true:

  1. You are an employee of a company.
  2. You are browsing on a domain owned by that company.
  3. You are browsing on Internet Explorer or Edge.
  4. You are using a corporate device.
  5. Your company has a policy which automatically adds the site to intranet or trusted mode.

The most effective way to test whether intranet mode will affect your customers is to try using the PayPal button on a non-corporate laptop or computer, or a personal device.

Check for intranet mode

In Internet Explorer, open your developer tools and check for the following error in the console: IE Error Console

This error message is not available on Edge; however, intranet or trusted mode might still be active.

In both browsers, you might see issues when clicking the button or completing a checkout, including unresponsive buttons and error pages.

Disable intranet and trusted mode

Follow these steps to disable intranet and trusted mode:

  1. Open your start menu and search for 'Internet Options' and load the menu.
  2. Navigate to the security panel and make sure Enable Protected Mode is disabled. Select Local intranet, then click Sites: Internet Explorer Internet Options Security
  3. Make sure all of the options on this panel are disabled, then click Advanced. Internet Explorer Internet Options Intranet
  4. Remove any websites from the list: Internet Explorer Internet Options Intranet Sites
  5. Repeat for trusted sites: Internet Explorer Internet Options Trusted Sites