PayPal Checkout

Internet Explorer

The PayPal Button and Checkout components are unable to run in IE intranet or trusted mode because they prevent the script from interfacing correctly with iframes and popup windows.

  1. Detect intranet mode Open your developer tools in Internet Explorer and check for the cannot render button in IE intranet mode for checkout.js error in the console: IE Error Console
  2. Disable intranet mode in Internet Explorer settings.
    1. Load Internet options in Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer Internet Options
    2. Navigate to the security panel and make sure Enable Protected Mode is disabled. Select Local intranet, then click Sites: Internet Explorer Internet Options Security
    3. Make sure all of the options on this panel are disabled, then click Advanced. Internet Explorer Internet Options Intranet
    4. Remove any websites from the list: Internet Explorer Internet Options Intranet Sites
    5. Repeat for trusted sites: Internet Explorer Internet Options Trusted Sites

Escape from Internet Explorer intranet mode

Sometimes it's not possible to change Internet Explorer settings due to admin policies.

If the previous steps didn't work, you might be able to modify your /etc/hosts file to get Internet Explorer to remove your site from intranet mode.

In Windows operating systems, find this file at: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.

Add an entry for your site's IP address:

Now when you load in Internet Explorer, it might not be detected as an intranet site.