PayPal has a comprehensive suite of developer products and capabilities to help you create a payments solution that meets your specific needs.

Using the NVP/SOAP APIs

  1. Learn about our products and find links to the documentation.

  2. Verify the PayPal account.

    For more information, see the How do I get verified? help article.

  3. Get started and integrate.

    The Getting Started guides for each API product describe key concepts of a product and show how to make an API call. The How To guides step you through the most common integration tasks.

    You can test your integration in the Sandbox environment.

  4. Go live.

    See the Going Live page for a description of how to register your app. The page also includes a Go Live checklist containing the details you should consider when moving to your app into production.

More information and Tools

  1. Explore the development lifecycle topics to see what to expect, from registration to going live.

  2. Take a deep dive into the API Reference and Development & Integration Guides.

    The documentation contains all the information you need to optimize your integration for your specific needs.

  3. Monitor the API Version History for product and documentation changes.