Adaptive Accounts IPN Messages

Important: Adaptive Accounts is now a limited release product. It is restricted to select partners for approved use cases and should not be used for new integrations without guidance from PayPal.

PayPal sends an IPN message whenever a PayPal account is created using the CreateAccount API operation.

Field Description
notify_version Message's version number
first_name Account holder's first name
last_name Account holder's last name
verify_sign Encrypted string used to validate the authenticity of the transaction
charset Character set
account_key Account key returned by the CreateAccount API operation
confirmation_code Confirmation code
event_type The kind of event:
  • ACCOUNT_CONFIRMED indicates that the account holder has set a password and the account has been created.
  • LOGIN_CONFIRMED indicates that the account holder logged into the account.

Example IPN message in response to CreateAccount request


Example IPN message in response to account holder setting the password


Note: This message indicates that the account setup is complete.

Example IPN message in response to account login