PayPal buttons, logos, and marks

Add PayPal buttons, logos, and marks to your website or mobile app to accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal account payments.

Express Checkout buttons

Use PayPal's Express Checkout buttons for payments and donations. Simply specify the button shape, color, and one or more language codes to create a JavaScript payment button.

Important: For new integrations, PayPal strongly recommends using Express Checkout JavaScript buttons. With JavaScript buttons, you don’t need to create a new button for each language, and if the button image changes in the future, you won’t need to download a new image. To start using Express Checkout, see Express Checkout integration guide.

HTML buttons

If your company hosts PayPal buttons on a secure company server or your mobile app doesn’t support JavaScript, use HTML buttons.

Copy & paste images

Click an image, then copy and paste the HTML code snippet to your website or mobile app. Alternatively, use the Create a PayPal payment button page to create an HTML button.

Unbranded buttons

PayPal logos & marks