Going Live With Your Express Checkout Integration

Important: This integration method is Deprecated as of January 1, 2017. For new integrations, see the PayPal Express Checkout Integration Guide.

After your application works with the PayPal Sandbox and you are ready to move it into live production, review the checklist to go live.

  1. Create and configure your live PayPal account.

    Note: If you execute Express Checkout or other PayPal API operations on behalf of another merchant, the merchant for whom you execute API operations must grant permission to you so that you can perform the operation in production.

  2. Verify that your live account's profile settings match those in your sandbox account's profile or that you understand and approve the differences.

  3. Set up credentials for your live PayPal account. API credentials are associated with an account; thus, your credentials in production are different than those for the sandbox. You must obtain either a different signature or download a different certificate for your live account.

  4. If your application uses a PayPal SDK, create an API Profile object that contains the details of your live account. You must specify the environment field as live and, if you use a certificate, include the API user name, API password, and path to your production API certificate associated with your live account.

  5. Add PayPal's IP addresses to any list of trusted IP addresses required by your firewall or other network devices. For more information, see the Going Live with Your Application.