Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ addresses some of the common questions developers encounter as they begin to code PayPal applications, including where to turn to if this page doesn't answer your immediate question.

Note: For instructions on using the PayPal NVP/SOAP APIs, how to use the Sandbox for testing, and how to move your app into production, see Apps 101.

What endpoint should I use?

The endpoint you use depends upon the PayPal API operation you're calling, the format of your call (NVP or SOAP), and the environment you're addressing (either the Sandbox or the live environment). See the NVP/SOAP API Endpoints page for details.

Where Can I Find the Latest API Version?

PayPal offers several different sets of APIs, and each has their own versioning and release schedule. Use the following list of URLs to guide you to the latest version of the APIs:

Merchant APIs

The PayPal Merchant APIs include Express Checkout, Direct Payment, Recurring Payments, Mass Pay, and other operations. Find the latest version of these APIs in the following set of WSDL and XSD files:

Adaptive APIs

The PayPal Adaptive APIs are Adaptive Payments, Adaptive Accounts, Permissions Service and Invoicing Service. The following URLs contain the latest versions of these services:

Mobile Libraries

The latest version of the Mobile Express Checkout Library and the Mobile Payments Libraries can be found in the Mobile Libraries section of the SDK Index page.

Payflow Gateway

Please refer to the Host URL Addresses section of the Payflow Gateway Developer Guide and Reference.

What are the IP Addresses for the PayPal Servers?

PayPal recommends using DNS to determine the IP address of our servers. However, if you must hard-code IP addresses to configure a firewall, refer to IP Addresses for PayPal Servers page on the Merchant Technical Support site for the most up-to-date PayPal IP addresses.

What is the status of the live site?

The PayPal Status page shows the current status for:

  • The live PayPal servers
  • The sandbox
  • Other services

Where Can I Find the Latest Documentation?

Find the latest PayPal API documentation on the NVP/SOAP APIs page.

Note that the PayPal documentation is currently being reorganized, and the location and organization of the material may change.

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions?

PayPal offers several different ways to get help.

If you are a merchant looking for PayPal solutions, contact Merchant Technical Support (MTS):

Merchant Technical Support

You can also look for answers to common (and not so common) questions in our knowledge base:

Merchant Technical Support Knowledge Base