Get Your API Test Credentials

All PayPal API requests require API credentials to verify the call is being made through a valid PayPal account. Calls to the sandbox testing environment are no different but they require that you use the test credentials assigned to one of your sandbox Business accounts.

Tip: The PayPal sandbox and live environments each use different sets of API credentials. Use the correct set of credentials for the endpoints you're addressing.

View and manage your API credentials

  • Braintree SDK apps — Braintree SDK sandbox test credentials can be created and managed on the PayPal Developer site My Apps & Credentials page.

  • REST API apps — You can view and manage the REST API sandbox and live credentials on the PayPal Developer site My Apps & Credentials page. Within the setting for each of your apps, use the Sandbox or Live toggle in the top right corner of the app settings page to view the API credentials and default PayPal account for each of these environments. If you have not created an app, navigate to the My Apps & Credentials page.

    The PayPal Developer site also assigns each sandbox Business account a set of test API credentials. Log in to the PayPal Developer site and navigate to the Sandbox Accounts page or Dashboard > Sandbox > Accounts. View your test API credentials by clicking the expand icon next to the Business account that you want to use in your request. Then, navigate to the Profile > API credentials tab of the sandbox account.

  • NVP/SOAP API apps — You can view and manage the NVP/SOAP APIs (formerly Classic API) app credentials on the PayPal sandbox (see the api credentials page) or here. These APIs include Express Checkout, Website Payments Pro, Adaptive Payments, Adaptive Accounts, Mass Payments, the Button Manager API, the Permissions Service, and the SOAP version of the Invoicing Service.

  • Payflow Gateway & PayPal Payments Pro apps — You can manage the Payflow Gateway and PayPal Payments Pro API live and pilot app credentials on the PayPal Manager site. These APIs are typically tested through the Payflow pilot. However, if you're sending Express Checkout transactions through Payflow, you can use the PayPal sandbox for testing. For more information, see Testing your PayPal Payments Advanced and PayPal Payments Pro integration.

The AppID for the Adaptive APIs

In addition to the API credentials, the Adaptive APIs (Adaptive Payments, Adaptive Accounts, Invoicing Service (SOAP) and Permissions Service) make use of an AppID value. The sandbox uses a global test App ID value that remains constant:

# Sandbox test AppID: APP-80W284485P519543T

Important: If your application uses an AppID, you must submit your finalized application to PayPal for review to obtain an AppID value that you can use in the live environment.