Payment button types

PayPal provides a variety of payment buttons for different types of sales transactions. Use this table to choose the payment button that meets your business needs.

Button Use for How it works
Add to Cart Multiple item purchases Sells multiple items with a single payment. A View Cart button is automatically created and allows buyers to view the cart's contents at any time.
Buy Now Single-item purchases Sells one or more units of a single item. Place multiple Buy Now buttons on a page to sell multiple items on the same page.
Donate Contributions from donors Collects a pre-determined amount or lets donors enter the amount.
Gift Certificate Gift certificates Sells and redeems personalized gift certificates. eBay Gift Certificates are sold on and can be redeemed only for auction items and merchandise sold on eBay.
Note: The Gift Certificate button is discontinued as of February 1, 2017.

Subscribe Recurring payments Receives automatic payments from buyers for access to online content and services or for regular delivery of goods. Includes an Unsubscribe button that enables buyers to unsubscribe from a service.
Automatic Billing Automatic billing payments Invoices buyers for goods and services that fluctuate in price from month to month. Configure automatic monthly minimum payments or allow buyers to pay nothing in months when they do not spend.
Installment Plan Up to four interest-free fixed payments Signs buyers up for installment plans that collect the first installment on checkout, with up to three additional installments or defers the first installment, with up to four future installment payments. The Installment Plan button also enables buyers to pay the full amount up front so you do not need an additional Buy Now button on your web page. All payments must be collected within one year of checkout.

Note: To use Subscribe, Automatic Billing, and Installment Plan payment buttons, you must have a verified Business Account and sign up for Enhanced Recurring Payments. This feature is currently available for Australia, Canada, UK and US PayPal accounts.


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