Donate: checkout experience

This topic provides a workflow diagram and full description of the checkout experience for the Donate button configured with basic payment options. It also provides links to other topics that can help you configure advanced payment option for this button.

Checkout workflow for a basic Donate button

Read these topics to better understand the checkout experience with Donate buttons:

Donors are ready to contribute on your website

The basic checkout experience with Donate buttons begins when someone on your website is ready to contribute.

In this example, Mary begins on the website of her favorite cause and wants to contribute to the Fall Cleanup Campaign. Mary clicks Donate to check out.

Donors choose how to pay

PayPal displays a billing information/log-in page, which allows donors to enter their credit card information or log in to PayPal to pay.

For Donate buttons, the PayPal billing information/log-in page shows transaction details near the top, such as the name of the contribution and the contribution total.

If donors are satisfied with the details, they do one of the following to select a payment method:

  • Have a PayPal account?: Buyers click the link, enter their PayPal credentials, and click Log in.

  • Don't have a PayPal account?: Donors enter their billing information. They also enter their contact information including email address and home phone number so that PayPal can send them their PayPal transaction receipts and can contact them if necessary to complete the transaction. Then, they click the Review Donation and Continue button.

    If your website gathers information about your donors, you can define HTML code to pre-populate (pre-fill) the corresponding billing information fields. When you pre-populate fields, donors see a collapsed version of the billing information section. For example, if you pre-filled the billing address, the address information displays on the page without the entry fields. Each pre-filled section of information is followed by a Change link to allow the donors to modify the information, if necessary.

    For more information about pre-filling fields, see Filling out forms automatically with HTML variables.

In this case, Mary is satisfied with her contribution to Friends of the Park in the amount of $25.00 USD. She enters her billing and contact information, and then she clicks Review Donation and Continue.

Donors confirm their contribution details

PayPal displays a transaction confirmation page to let donors confirm the details before they complete their transactions and authorize their payments.

In this case, Mary reviews the transaction details clicks Donate Now to complete the transaction and make her payment.

Donors view and print their contribution confirmations

PayPal displays a payment confirmation page after donors pay to let them know that they have made their contributions successfully.

From the payment confirmation page, donors can:

  • View the PayPal Confirmation number (transaction ID) to reconcile their payments.
  • Click View Printable Receipt to print receipts for their records.

  • In this case, Mary prints the PayPal contribution receipt for her records.

Donors receive contribution authorization notices by email

PayPal sends donors a contribution authorization notice by email to confirm the transaction that they made with the contribution coordinator.

In this case, PayPal sends Mary an email message notifying her of her transaction with Friends of the Park and her authorization for payment of $25.00 USD.

Enhance the checkout experience

To enhance the buyer's checkout experience, you can add custom options to your payment button. The following topics describe custom button options and other PayPal Payment Standard product features: