Donate: basic payment options

To create a Donate button, log in to your PayPal Business or Premier account and open the Create a PayPal payment button page. For detailed steps, see Open the PayPal button creation page. After you've logged in, complete one or more of the following tasks:

Configuration tasks Required Description
Choose a button and enter payment details Yes Enter your organization or service name.
Customize button text and appearance No Modify the appearance and text of the PayPal button or use your own button.
Set currency and how donors make donations No Change the default currency and specify a fixed donation amount instead of allowing donors to enter any donation amount.
Associate transactions with your PayPal account No Associate button transactions to an email address specified in your Profile instead of your PayPal merchant ID.

Choose button type and enter payment details

Select Donations from the Choose a button type drop-down menu, and then enter the following payment details:

  • Organization name/service

    Enter the purpose for the donation or the name of your organization. If you leave this field blank, your donors can complete this field during checkout.

  • Donation ID (Optional)

    Enter a value to help you identify different kinds of donations. For example, you might enter the name of your current fundraising campaign.

Customize the button text and appearance

(Optional) You can change the appearance and text of the PayPal button or you can enter a URL to use your own button image.

To customize the button appearance, click Customize appearance, and configure the following options:

  • PayPal button (Default)

    Uses the default PayPal button.

    • Use a smaller button

      Replaces the default button with a smaller PayPal button.

    • Display credit card logos (Default)

      Displays credit card logos beneath the button.

      Click to hide credit card logos.

    • Country and language for button (Default: The language specified in Preferred language, under My Settings in your Profile.)

      Specifies the country and language of the button.

      Click to change the country and language. If you change country and language, verify that Currency is set appropriately.

  • Use your own button image

    Select the check box to use your own button (not hosted by PayPal), then enter the URL of your button image. If your image is hosted on an SSL-secured server, change the text box to begin with https://.

Set the currency and how donors make donations

By default, donors choose the amount of their donation during checkout. Use the following options to change the donation currency or specify a fixed donation amount:

  • Currency

    (Default: The currency listed in your Profile, under My Money and PayPal balance.)

    To change the default currency, click a different currency for all donations made with this button.

  • Contribution amount

    Select one of the following options:

    • Donors enter their own contribution amount (Default)

      Allows donors to choose their own donation amount.

    • Donors contribute a fixed amount

      Enter a fixed amount for all donors contribute.

Associate transactions with your PayPal account

Use the following options to associate transactions from your payment button with your PayPal account:

  • Use my secure merchant account ID (Default)

    PayPal associates transactions with your secure PayPal merchant ID. With this option, all payment notification emails are sent to your account's primary email address.

    PayPal recommends keeping the default option so that your email address will not be exposed within the button code.

  • Use my primary email address

    Associates transactions from this button with the primary email address in your PayPal account.

    If your Profile contains multiple email addresses, click the address you want to use as the primary email address for this button.

    For example, you might select the email address of the person in your organization who handles order fulfillment or accounting. All payments are deposited to your PayPal account balance, regardless of which email address is selected. However, only the selected email address will receive the email payment notifications.


Choose one of the following actions:

  • If you are satisfied with your payment button, click Create Button on the Create a Paypal payment button page, and then copy and paste your button code to your webpage. For detailed steps, see Copy payment button code.

  • To customize the checkout page for this button, see Customize advanced features.

  • For a detailed description and examples of a contributor's checkout experience, see Donate checkout experience.