Account settings and tools

PayPal provides account settings and tools that let you customize how your payment buttons work, enhance your buyer's checkout experience, and quickly view and manage transaction activity. These topics provide information about enabling these settings and using the tools in your account profile:

  • Checkout settings — Use your PayPal account profile to set preferences for how your payment buttons work.

  • Authorize and capture — A payment solution for delayed order fulfillment that separates the authorization of payment from the capture of the authorized payment. Modify the original authorization amount due to order changes (such as taxes, shipping, or item availability) after a buyer places an initial order.

  • View transaction activity — Use email notifications, the Activity table in your PayPal account, and other methods to view transaction activites from your payment buttons.

  • Manage recurring payments— Use the Recurring payments dashboard to view and manage recurring payments, manage subscriptions, and initiate monthly bills.

  • Manage subscriptions — Use the Subscriptions detail pages to manage subscriptions.

  • Initiate automatic bill — Generate a monthly bill for Automatic Billing buttons.