Express Checkout

Express Checkout is a solution for merchants who currently accept credit card payments online and would like to add PayPal as a payment option. Express Checkout enables merchants to quickly add PayPal to their existing payment experience.

Express Checkout gives your buyers a simplified checkout experience that keeps them local to your website throughout the payment authorization process and lets them use their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card to pay without sharing or entering any sensitive information on your site.

Integration options

Choose an integration option:

  • Braintree SDK — Express Checkout via Braintree SDK is powered by Braintree, a PayPal service. The integration consists of complementary client and server SDKs, which are easy to integrate. Note that the Braintree SDK supports a subset of Express Checkout countries. Verify the availability of the Braintree SDK for your country, and then get started with your integration.

  • PayPal client-side JavaScript and APIs — Using PayPal resources, you can implement a basic client integration or an advanced server integration.

    • In a client integration, you copy and paste HTML and JavaScript code on to your client and modify a few settings to create and execute payments. There's no need for server modifications with a basic integration.
    • In an advanced server integration, you have more control and flexibility when you create and execute payments. With this integration, your server makes REST Payments API calls to create and execute payments. Although servers for legacy integrations can make NVP/SOAP API calls, PayPal recommends that all new integrations use the REST Payments API.
    • The Express Checkout integration guide covers both basic and advanced options.


Country and currency support

Express Checkout is available in any country where PayPal is accepted.

Also, see supported countries and currencies for PayPal transactions.

Note: The Braintree SDK supports all currencies that are available for PayPal transactions, but it does not yet support all Express Checkout countries. Refer to the list of supported countries for the Braintree SDK for more information. If your business is located in a non-supported country, review the PayPal integration options in the Express Checkout integration guide.


In addition to transaction fees, there are fees for currency conversion and to receive payments from another country. For details, see our standard fee structure.