Mobile Overview

PayPal's mobile solutions provide payment functionality to your apps allowing users to pay through a PayPal account or credit card. Whether you want a user to stay in app or use a browser, PayPal offers several choices for ensuring fast, secure and easy payments on Android and iOS platforms, or your mobile website.

Building a mobile app

The PayPal iOS SDK and PayPal Android SDK provide native libraries that simplify accepting credit card and PayPal payments in your mobile apps. The libraries present a simple UI, features credit card scanning, and uses a proof-of-payment system that eases the burden of PCI compliance.

Building a mobile website

For a simple HTML based integration, you can integrate with PayPal Payments Standard to accept payments on your mobile website.

For more information, see the PayPal Payments Standard Integration Guide.

You can also integrate Express Checkout to redirect the buyer to the PayPal mobile website, which overlays the merchant's website. For more information, see the Express Checkout Integration Guide.

Features and Benefits

If you need more help deciding between the various solutions, heres's a quick break-down of the features and benefits.

In-app payment
Runs without back-end API integration +
Quick integration + +
Credit card checkout (no PayPal account needed) + +
Supports auth/settle payments +
Supports Recurring Payments +


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