PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard (also known as Website Payments Standard) allows merchants to add payment and checkout buttons to their website by simply cutting and pasting HTML. Merchants can use the buttons to securely accept credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments. 

Applicable Use Cases

How it works

PayPal Payments Standard is a cut and paste HTML solution. The buttons on your web site link customers directly to PayPal. On PayPal, they log in to their account or create a new account if needed. When they complete the payment, you get an email confirming payment.

Why use PayPal Payments Standard

Using PayPal Payments Standard, merchants can:

  • Create payment buttons (like Buy Now, Donate, or Subscribe) and checkout buttons.
  • Copy and paste HTML button code into their website.
  • Integrate their payment and checkout buttons with most third-party shopping carts.
  • Accept credit and debit cards and PayPal payments right away. You can use PayPal's standard button images or you can use your own buttons if desired.

PayPal Payments Standard lets you search for and view transaction records, get sales reports, and track profits and losses. You can also authorize and capture payments, as well as issue refunds for all or part of a payment.

Inventory management

Get alerts when your inventory runs low. Set this up when you create payment buttons.

Customizable checkout experience

Give customers the option to create a PayPal account after they checkout.

Redirect customers back to the merchant's site when they finish checkout.

Personalize checkout pages to match the merchant's website.

Reporting and management

Search and view transactions, get sales reports, and track profit/loss. Authorize and capture payments and issue partial or full refunds.

Shipping and tax support

Print postage-paid shipping labels, pay for shipping and insurance, track and confirm shipments. Add shipping costs to shopping cart buttons. Calculate and display sales tax.

Fraud prevention

Encrypt buttons to help protect merchants from fraud. Ship to customers confirmed address. In the U.S., take advantage of PayPal Seller Protection.

Back-end integration

Get real-time purchase confirmation, notice when transactions are made, and automate payment process. Integrate PayPal data with Excel, QuickBooks, or Quicken.

Added features and products

Send money to or request money from anyone with an email address wherever PayPal is available. Make payments to many people at once. If you create or manage a number of PayPal Payment Standard buttons—for example, if you provide a shopping cart for several merchants—you may save time and effort by using the Button Manager API.

How to get started

To create PayPal Payments Standard buttons:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Profile.
  2. Click My Selling Tools, then Selling Online. Click Update. You may find your buttons under Selling Preferences. Click My Saved Buttons, and then click Create New Button.
  3. Decide on the kind of button you want to create. Select from Buy Now, Add to Cart, Subscribe, or Donate buttons.
  4. Enter the information required to describe your button and click Create Button.
  5. Copy the HTML produced and paste it into your web page.
  6. Publish the web page and begin accepting payments.

Button reference

For a complete list of PayPal hosted buttons and their URLs, see the PayPal Button Reference.

U.S. fees

There are no set-up costs or monthly fees. Transaction fees are calculated as follows:

2.5% + $0.30*

Monthly sales

Your fee per


$0 – $3,000

2.9% + $0.30

$3.20 fee on a $100 sale

$3,000+ – $10,000

2.5% + $0.30*

$2.80 fee on a $100 sale


2.2% + $0.30*

$2.50 fee on a $100 sale


For details, call 800-514-4920.

International availability and fees

You can use PayPal Payments Standard in any country where PayPal is accepted. You can hold multiple currency balances in your PayPal account or convert a currency balance at competitive rates. International fees may vary. For information, see Transaction Fees for Cross-border Payments.

Developer and Merchant Support

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