Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing is the automated, flexible billing service that can be used with Payflow Pro. It allows you to bill customers on a schedule, reducing the hassle of manually processing regular payments. Whether it's an installment plan, membership fee or a subscription service, you can make sure you get paid regularly and on time.

Quick Look at the APIs

To perform recurring transactions, you can choose to use the Payflow Gateway SDK. It is a set of APIs that allow you to integrate Payflow Pro with your application or website. Once you've become familiar with that, refer to the Recurring Billing Service User's Guide (PDF) to set up your payment schedules.

Developer Support

For answers to PayPal frequently asked questions, go to our Help Center. For more help, visit our Merchant Technical Services. To discuss issues and share ideas, visit the PayPal stackoverflow forum.


Recurring Billing Service User's Guide