PayPal Adaptive Accounts Release Notes - Release 1.0.3

These release notes address the API operations within the PayPal Adaptive Accounts WSDL.

The document covers changes to the Adaptive Accounts APIs, which include:

  • CreateAccount
  • AddBankAccount
  • AddPaymentCard
  • SetFundingSourceConfirmed

These products use this API:

  • Adaptive Accounts


No new announcements.

Affected Products

These products are affected by this release:

  • Adaptive Accounts

Adaptive Accounts

For a current list of known issues, go to the PayPal Notifications page and search for Adaptive Accounts related events.

New Calls

No new calls in this release.

Changed Calls

  • CreateAccount API

Schema Changes

Name Part of Schema Type of Change
createAccount.createAccountWebOptions.reminderEmailFrequency Element New
createAccount.createAccountWebOptions.confirmEmail Element New

New features

New reminderEmailFrequency field for CreateAccount API requests

For CreateAccount API requests, you can now set the new reminderEmailFrequency field to NONE to suppress emails related to setting the redirectURL.

New confirmEmail field for CreateAccount API requests

For CreateAccount API requests, you can now set the new confirmEmail field to true to automatically confirm user email addresses. This field is available only to partners with special permission.

Changed functionality

  • The AddPaymentCard default timeout is now 60 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
  • The CreateAccount minibrowser flow pages are mobile-optimized for the United States, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • A mobile-optimized minibrowser flow is also available for AddPaymentCard in the United States & Japan only. All other countries only have a full browser flow.
  • Support for Maestro as a card type is enabled in the AddPaymentCard API for additional countries.
  • "Solo" is no longer supported as a card type, and "Switch" has been renamed to "UKMaestro".

Additional Documentation Updates

Documentation related to the CreateAccount API corrects the default value of the  showAddCreditCard field  as TRUE instead of FALSE.