PayPal Adaptive Accounts Release Notes - Release 1.2.0

These release notes address the API operations in the PayPal Adaptive Accounts WSDL.

These release notes cover changes to the Adaptive Accounts APIs. Adaptive Accounts APIs include:

  • CreateAccount
  • AddBankAccount
  • AddPaymentCard
  • SetFundingSourceConfirmed
  • UpdateComplianceStatus
  • CheckComplianceStatus


No announcements.

Affected Products

These PayPal products are affected by this release:

  • Adaptive Accounts

Adaptive Accounts

For a current list of known issues, go to the PayPal Notifications page and search for Adaptive Accounts related events.

New Calls

  • UpdateComplianceStatus API
  • CheckComplianceStatus API

Changed Calls

  • CreateAccount API

Schema Changes

Name Part of Schema Type of Change
CreateAccountRequest.governmentId Element New
CreateAccountRequest.profession Element New
CreateAccountRequest.occupation Element New
CreateAccountRequest.functionalArea Element New
CreateAccountRequest.legalAgreement Element New
CreateAccountRequest.purposeOfAccount Element New
BusinessInfoType.businessEntityForThirdParty Element New
BusinessInfoType.hasDirectors Element New
BusinessInfoType.hasBeneficialOwners Element New
BusinessInfoType.hasThirdPartyAssociates Element New
BusinessStakeholderType.occupation Element New
BusinessEntityForThirdPartyType Complex type New
YesNoType Simple type New
GovernmentIDPair Complex type New
GovernmentIDTypes Simple type New
LegalAgreementType Complex type New
LegalAgreementTypes Simple type New

New features

Submit More Compliance Data

The CreateAccount API call enables much more account-level data to be submitted, e.g. for compliance. This optional data that you now can submit is listed in the table above and described in the CreateAccount reference documentation.

The UpdateComplianceStatus API lets you set the compliance status of a PayPal account. Only authorized, tier 1 partners may make this call. Please contact your PayPal integration manager for more information.

The CheckComplianceStatus API lets you determine whether a PayPal account has achieved the level of compliance required for a given capability, such as Cash In/Cash Out. Again, only authorized, tier 1 partners may make this call. Please contact your PayPal integration manager for more information.

Changed functionality


Additional Documentation Updates