PayPal Adaptive Payments Release Notes - Release 1.8.4

Important: Adaptive Payments is now a limited release product. It is restricted to select partners for approved use cases and should not be used for new integrations without guidance from PayPal.

This release note addresses the API operations within the PayPal Adaptive Payments WSDL.

The Adaptive Payments APIs include:

  • Single Payments
  • Parallel Payments
  • Chained Payments
  • Guest Payments
  • Embedded Payments
  • Preapprovals
  • Refunds

These products use this API:

  • Adaptive Payments

Affected products

This release affects these products:

  • Adaptive Payments

Adaptive Payments

For a current list of PayPal product and API issues, as well as upcoming maintenance events, go to PayPal Status.

Changed calls

  • Pay API
  • PaymentDetails API
  • Preapproval API
  • PreapprovalDetails API
  • Refund API

Schema changes

Name Part of schema Type of change
PayResponse.paymentInfoList Element New
PayResponse.sender Element New
PayRequest.sender.accountId Element New
PayRequest.receiverList.receiver(n).accountId Element New
PaymentDetailsResponse.sender.accountId Element New
PaymentDetailsResponse.PaymentInfoList.paymentInfo.receiver.accountId Element New
PreapprovalRequest.sender.accountId Element New
PreapprovalDetailsResponse.sender.accountId Element New
RefundRequest.receiverList.receiver(n).receiver.accountId Element New

New features

Enhanced functionality for account IDs

An encrypted account ID, known as a Payer ID, can now be used in the Adaptive Payments API. For the changes to the functionality of the API calls, see the previous Schema Changes table and the documentation for the affected calls.

Enhanced functionality for transaction data

Updated May 06, 2013: If a payment is complete, the Pay response includes transaction data and other data, such as data about the sender. Implicit payments and preapproved payments are examples of use cases where a payment is complete.