PayPal Invoicing Release Notes - Release 1.11.0

These release notes describe changes to Invoicing API calls in the Invoicing WSDL (

These products use the Invoicing API calls:

  • Invoicing
  • PayPal Here
  • Excel Invoicing Plug-in

API updates

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New calls

  • GenerateInvoiceNumber

Changed calls

  • CreateAndSendInvoice
  • CreateInvoice
  • DeleteInvoice
  • GetInvoiceDetails

Schema changes

Name Part of schema Type of change
GenerateInvoiceNumber API Operation New
InvoiceItemType.discountPercent Element New
InvoiceItemType.discountAmount Element New
InvoiceItemType.taxAmount Element New
InvoiceItemType.imageUrl Element For PayPal Here only.
InvoiceType.totalItemDiscountAmount Element New
InvoiceType.shippingTaxAmount Element New
InvoiceDetailsType.totalDiscountAmount Element New
CancelInvoiceRequest.sendPayerNotification Element New

New features

Retrieve a new invoice number for an invoice

You can use the GenerateInvoiceNumber call to retrieve a number that your app can present to a merchant for use in the creation of a new invoice.

Apply discounts at the item level

You can use new fields in InvoiceItemType for discounts at the item level:

  • InvoiceItemType.discountPercent. A discount percent applied at the item level (not at the invoice level).
  • InvoiceItemType.discountAmount. A discount amount applied at the item level (not at the invoice level).
  • InvoiceType.totalItemDiscountAmount. Retrieved by the GetInvoiceDetails call. Total item-level discount on the invoice.
  • InvoiceDetailsType.totalDiscountAmount. Retrieved by the GetInvoiceDetails call. A calculated value of the amount of the total discount on the invoice, taking into account item-level and invoice-level discounts.

Retrieve tax amount and shipping amount

You can use the GetInvoiceDetails call to retrieve the following values:

  • InvoiceType.shippingTaxAmount. The amount of the shipping tax, at the invoice level.
  • InvoiceItemType.taxAmount. The tax amount on an item.

Prevent a cancellation email

You can use the CancelInvoiceRequest.sendPayerNotification field to prevent an email from being sent to the payer when an invoice is canceled.

Changed functionality

Some fields now optional for creating draft invoices

You can create a draft invoice without specifying the payerEmail field and itemList container.

Invoice date can be before the current date

When you use an API call to create or update an invoice, the invoiceDate field can contain a value that is before the date that you are making the API call.