PayPal Invoicing Release Notes - Release 1.12.0

These release notes describe changes to Invoicing API calls in the Invoicing WSDL (

These products use the Invoicing API calls:

  • Invoicing
  • PayPal Here
  • Excel Invoicing Plug-in

API updates

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Changed calls

  • CreateAndSendInvoice
  • CreateInvoice
  • UpdateInvoice
  • GetInvoiceDetails

Schema changes

Name Part of schema Type of change
BusinessInfoType.language Element New

New features

Specify the language for invoices

You can use BusinessInfoType.language to specify the language of invoices for a payer who doesn't have a PayPal account (that is, a unilateral payer). If you omit the language field, a unilateral payer receives invoices in the merchant's language. If the payer has a PayPal account, this field is ignored and the payer's language is used. The language field is specified in the billingInfo container.