PayPal Invoicing Release Notes - Release 1.6.0

This release note addresses the API operations within the PayPal Invoicing API WSDL.

The document covers changes to the Invoicing APIs, which include:

  • CreateInvoice
  • SendInvoice
  • CreateandSendInvoice
  • UpdateInvoice
  • GetInvoiceDetails
  • CancelInvoice
  • SearchInvoice
  • MarkInvoiceAsPaid
  • MarkInvoiceAsRefunded
  • MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid

These products use this API:

  • Invoicing


No new announcements.

Affected Products

These products are affected by this release:

  • Invoicing

Adaptive Accounts

For a current list of known issues, go to the PayPal Notifications page and search for Invoicing related events.

New Calls

  • MarkInvoiceAsRefunded
  • MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid

Changed Calls

  • CreateAccount
  • GetInvoiceDetails

Schema Changes

Name Part of Schema Type of Change
InvoiceType.customAmountLabel Element New
InvoiceType.customAmountValue Element New
MarkInvoiceAsRefundedRequest Complex type New
MarkInvoiceAsRefundedResponse Complex type New
MarkInvoiceAsUnpaidRequest Complex type New
MarkInvoiceAsUnpaidResponse Complex type New

New features

New MarkInvoiceAsRefunded and MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid API

To manually mark an invoice as refunded or unpaid, you can now use the MarkInvoiceAsRefunded and MarkInvoiceAsUnpaid API, respectively.

Changed functionality

Additional Documentation Updates

None for this release.