Merchant API v120.0 release notes

Merchant API v120.0 includes the following PayPal releases:

Code release version Release date Description
120 01/27/2015 See release details.

These release notes include the API operations within the PayPal Merchant API WSDL and associated schemas.

The document covers changes to the Merchant APIs, which include:

  • Express Checkout
  • Direct Payment
  • Recurring Payments
  • Mass Payments
  • Button Manager
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Website Payments Pro

Release details

For a current list of PayPal product and API issues, as well as upcoming maintenance events, go to PayPal Status.

Error and warning codes

This release adds these error codes:

API operation Code
DoCancel 17005 and 17006
DoDirectPayment 99998

See API error codes.