Merchant API v94.0 release notes

This release note addresses the API operations within the PayPal Merchant API WSDL and associated schemas:

The Merchant APIs include:

  • Express Checkout
  • Direct Payment
  • Recurring Payments
  • Mass Pay
  • Button Manager
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Website Payments Pro

Affected products

This release affects these products:

  • Express Checkout
  • PayPal Payments Pro — See Express Checkout section for related release notes

Express Checkout

For a current list of PayPal product and API issues, as well as upcoming maintenance events, go to PayPal Status.

Express Checkout - Changed calls

  • DoCancel
  • DoReauthorization
  • DoVoid
  • RefundTransaction

Express Checkout - Schema changes

Name Part of schema Type of change
DoCancelRequestType.MsgSubID Element New
DoCancelResponseType.MsgSubID Element New
DoReauthorizationRequestType.MsgSubID Element New
DoReauthorizationResponseType.MsgSubID Element New
DoVoidRequestType.MsgSubID Element New
DoVoidResponseType.MsgSubID Element New
RefundTransactionRequestType.PayerID Element New
SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType.PaymentDetailsType.FulfillmentReferenceNumber Element New
DoExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType.PaymentDetailsType.FulfillmentReferenceNumber Element New
GetExpressCheckoutDetailsResponseDetailsType.PaymentDetailsType.FulfillmentReferenceNumber Element New

Express Checkout - Changed functionality

TransactionID or PayerID acceptable for RefundTransaction

For RefundTransaction, the TransactionID is now optional, though you must either provide the TransactionID or PayerID.

Idempotency (MsgSubID) added to DoCancel, DoReauthorization, and DoVoid

Idempotency through MsgSubID, which was added in Release 92, is now available for DoCancel, DoReauthorization, and DoVoid.

FulfillmentReferenceNumber for Global Shipping (Sep. 18, 2012)

In conjunction with eBay's Global Shipping Program, PayPal now provides the option to pass a reference number (FulfillmentReferenceNumber) associated with the third-party shipping or fulfillment center.

Additional documentation updates

Express Checkout - Additional documentation updates

API reference updates (Dec. 14, 2012)

Updated the API error codes. Added the 11084, 10507, and 10606 error codes. Added suggestions on handling specific DoExpressCheckoutPayment and DoReferenceTransaction errors.

Updated the Currency Codes tables. Amount values for the currencies: Japanese Yen (JPY) and Taiwan dollar (TWD) cannot be decimals. If you pass a decimal value for these currencies, an error is thrown.

Updated the Address request fields for the DoExpressCheckoutPayment API call. Updated the AddressType request fields for the SetExpressCheckout API call. Both of these API calls accept only one shipping address per transaction.

Updated the Payer Name response fields for the NVP GetExpressCheckoutDetails API call Updated the PayerNameType response fields for the SOAP GetExpressCheckoutDetails API call Removed the payer Salutation field, which is not returned in the GetExpressCheckoutDetails response.

API reference documentation update (Nov. 28, 2012)

Added the 10069 error code to API error codes.

API reference updates (Nov. 14, 2012)

Updated country code for China in the Country Codes table.

Added an error code to API error codes. If you exceed your call rate limit, error code 10014 is returned.

Documentation changes and errata (Nov. 02, 2012)


Corrected the following fields in the GetTransactionDetails response documentation: Payment Item fields: L_EBAYITEMTXNID_n_ and L_Name_n_

Removed API errors that were listed without an error code and that are not applicable from API error codes.

DoReferenceTransaction documentation update (Oct. 12, 2012)

Documentation related to DoReferenceTransaction has been updated to clarify that eCheck is not an acceptable PaymentType field value.

Documentation related to UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile has been updated to include a note clarifying that credit card information cannot be updated for Express Checkout profiles.

Express Checkout documentation update (Sep. 18, 2012)

Documentation related to obtaining the most recent billing address has been updated to include instructions for enabling Billing Address access.

UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile documentation update (Sep. 18, 2012)

Documentation related to UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile has been updated to include a note clarifying that credt card information cannot be updated for Express Checkout profiles.

PayPal Payments Standard - Additional documentation updates

PayPal Payments Standard Integration Guide Update (Nov. 02, 2012)

Documentation related to PayPal Payments Standard buttons has been updated to show the new URL path for buttons: