PayPal Merchant API Release Notes - Version 98.0

Version 98 of the Merchant API includes the following PayPal releases:

Code release version Release date Description
99 2/20/2013 No changes to the API.
98 2/1/2013 Changes to the API are described below.

This release note addresses the API operations within the PayPal Merchant API WSDL and associated schemas:

The document covers changes to the Merchant APIs, which include:

  • Express Checkout
  • Direct Payment
  • Recurring Payments
  • Mass Pay
  • Button Manager
  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • Website Payments Pro


No new announcements.

Affected Products

These products are affected by this release:

  • Express Checkout
  • Website Payments Pro - see Express Checkout section for related release notes

Express Checkout

For a current list of known issues, go to the PayPal Notifications page and enter the product or API of interest, such as Express Checkout, in the search box.

Express Checkout - New Calls

There are no new calls in this release.

Express Checkout - Changed Calls

  • DoAuthorization
  • DoCapture
  • DoExpressCheckoutPayment
  • DoReferenceTransaction
  • GetExpressCheckoutDetails
  • GetTransactionDetails
  • RefundTransaction

Express Checkout - Schema Changes

Name AddressType.AddressNormalizationStatusCodeType in
Part of Schema Element
Type of Change New
Description This field AddressNormalizationStatus returns the normalization status of the address. Possible values are Normalized, Unnormalized, and None. See the GetExpressCheckoutDetails SOAP and NVP API reference pages for more information.
Name AuthorizationInfoType.PendingStatusCodeType in
PaymentInfoType.PendingStatusCodeType in:
PaymentTransactionType.PaymentInfoType.PendingStatusCodeType in
RefundInfoType.PendingStatusCodeType in
Part of Schema Enumeration
Type of Change New
Description The PendingReason field can return a new value: regulatory-review (SOAP) or regulatoryreview (NVP).

Express Checkout - New Features

There are no new features in this release.

Express Checkout - Changed Functionality

There is no new functionality in this release.

Additional Documentation Updates

Express Checkout - Additional Documentation Updates

Updates to the API Reference and Express Checkout Documentation (Jun. 05, 2013)

Added the Montenegro ME and the Republic of Serbia RS country codes.

Starting on the 5th of June 2013, PayPal will return, in the majority of DoExpressCheckoutPayment funding failure cases, error code 10486 instead of 10417. Both errors 10417 and 10486 are returned when the transaction cannot be completed, but with API error code 10486 you can redirect the user back to PayPal using the existing token to select an alternate funding source, without the need to reinitiate the entire transaction flow. See the How To Recover from Funding Failure Error Code 10486 in DoExpressCheckout guide for more information. Additionally, funding failure error code 10486 is now returned for all versions of the Merchant API, and not only for versions 88 and higher.

Updated the long message of error code 10417 in DoExpressCheckoutPayment and DoReferenceTransaction error codes to: Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customer's PayPal wallet. The transaction did not complete with the customer's selected payment method.

Updates to the API Reference and Express Checkout Documentation (May 08, 2013)

Added LOGOIMG and CARTBORDERCOLOR NVP fields to the SetExpressCheckout NVP API reference page and cpp-logo-image and cpp-cart-border-color to the SetExpressCheckout SOAP API reference page.

Added MassPayItem Type fields to the MassPay SOAP API reference page and to the MassPay NVP API reference page.

In the ExpressCheckout Integration Guide, clarified idempotency behavior as follows: The result in subsequent responses will be different from the original transaction response and will return SuccessWithWarning instead of Success.

Updates to the API Reference and Express Checkout Documentation (Mar. 27, 2013)

Added Sandbox testing instructions to the HowTo guide on recovering from the Express Checkout error 10486.

Clarified that the L_PAYMENTREQUEST_n_AMTm field in the SetExpressCheckout NVP API Operation is required for the payment details to appear to the buyer at checkout.

Removed Mobile Express Checkout Library requirement for mobile Express Checkout apps in the Express Checkout Integration Guide Mobile Devices chapter.

Corrected typo in the name of the L_PAYMENTREQUEST_n_EBAYITEMAUCTIONTXNIDm NVP request field in the DoExpressCheckoutPayment and SetExpressCheckout API operations.

Updates to the API Reference Documentation (Mar. 06, 2013)

Updated the DoReferenceTransaction SOAP and DoReferenceTransaction NVP API operation request fields. The IPADDRESS (NVP) and IPAddress (SOAP) field now accept IPv6 and IPv4-mapped IPv6 IP addresses in addition to IPv4 IP addresses.

Updates to the API Reference Documentation (Mar. 01, 2013)

Updated the DoDirectPayment, DoExpressCheckoutPayment, DoReferenceTransaction SOAP API operation request fields. Corrected the data type of the ReturnFMFDetails field to xs:int.

Updates to the API Reference Documentation (Feb. 01, 2013)

Updated the API Error Code tables. Added the following DoReferenceTransaction API error codes: 10422, 10445, 10613, 11457, 11458, 13109 Added a new error code, 10544 to the Recurring Payments API error codes. Added error code 11607 to the CreateBillingAgreement, DoAuthorization, DoCapture, DoDirectPayment, DoExpressCheckoutPayment, DoReAuthorization, DoReferenceTransaction, DoVoid, and the Recurring Payments API error codes. Updated the error message for error 13122 in the DoAuthorization, DoCapture, DoExpressCheckoutPayment, DoReferenceTransaction, the Recurring Payments, and RefundTransaction API error codes.

Corrected the list of possible response values returned in the fields CHECKOUTSTATUS (NVP) and CheckoutStatus (SOAP) in the GetExpressCheckoutDetails API documentation.

Added the following to the description of the PAYMENTREQUEST_n_CURRENCYCODE NVP field in the DoExpressCheckoutPayment and SetExpressCheckout API documentation and to the description of the OrderTotal SOAP field in the DoExpressCheckoutPayment and the SetExpressCheckout API documentation: When multiple payments are passed in one transaction, all of the payments must have the same currency code.

Updated the description of the INVNUM Payment Details request field in the DoReferenceTransaction API documentation. Updated the description of the FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME Payer Information request fields in the DoReferenceTransaction API documentation.