How long will the Connect with PayPal integration process take?

Depending on the complexity of your site, the integration period may last from one day to two weeks, not including the time required for testing and rollout.

Before going into production your app has to be submitted for the app review process which typically takes 7-10 business days.

Where can I include the Connect with PayPal button on my site?

For login purposes, you may position the Connect with PayPal button on any site page that includes a customer login button or link.

For configuration of payment options such as money withdrawal options, you may position the Connect with PayPal button on any site page where customers set up their payment preferences.

See Button placement for more details.

Will I have control over my customers' account information?

Yes. When your customers provide their consent to PayPal to share their non-financial information with your business, you can access values for the customer attributes that you requested during the integration process.

Note: Sharing customers' email addresses does not authorize your business to email consumers. For any communications not related to a purchase such as marketing emails, newsletters, and offers, you must continue to present your customers with separate opt-in/out options.

How can customers with established accounts on my site use Connect with PayPal?

Integration for Connect with PayPal includes offering your customers the ability to link their established accounts to Connect with PayPal. If a customer chooses to link their account, they only need to link their PayPal login username and password once to their established account. After they link their account, they can use their PayPal credentials to log into their shopping account on your site. Or, your customers may also choose to continue using their existing login without linking the established account to Connect with PayPal.

Regardless of a customer's choice, your customers continue to have full access to their accounts, including their order history and profile information.

Will my brand and website be present throughout the Connect with PayPal experience for my customers?

Yes. The customer remains on your site throughout the entire experience for creating an account with your business or logging in by using Connect with PayPal. When the Connect with PayPal mini-browser window appears during the experience, your site page remains visible to your customer.

Is Connect with PayPal available on mobile devices?

Yes, Connect with PayPal is available for mobile browsers. The user experience automatically adapts to the device your customer is using – PC, tablet, or smartphone.

What is the fee for integrating Connect with PayPal and offering it to my customers?

PayPal does not charge merchants an integration or usage fee for Connect with PayPal.

How can I get credentials?

You can get Connect with PayPal credentials as long as you have a PayPal account in your country. To get Connect with PayPal credentials, create an application on the My Apps & Credentials page of the Developer Dashboard.

What protocols are supported?

PayPal recommends that new apps integrate with OpenID Connect. For developers that integrated with OpenID, the apps will continue to work, but no new features will be added.

Is the sandbox available for testing?

Yes! Make sure that you have Connect with PayPal enabled when you create your sandbox account. For more information on creating sandbox accounts, see PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide.

Why am I not receiving all the attributes mapped to the scope?

During app creation, you might not have selected the required attributes. Check the Connect with PayPal attributes on the PayPal Developer Dashboard.