Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

The Reporting and Analytics Platform's online dashboards allow a merchant to view and analyze the performance of their mobile wallet by providing reports and analytics, which can be exported to a .csv file for further analysis if desired.

The dashboard reports provide key information about mobile wallet usage by end users, and their analytic capabilities enable merchants to identify user engagement and behavior within the mobile wallet and compare different segments of users to provide insight into how the user experience can be improved.

Dashboard Features

  • Enhanced drill down capabilities and click-through analysis.
  • Data trends by month.
  • Data filtering by an adjustable date range.
  • Data exporting for further analysis. There are two ways to export data:
    • Data – opens a web page that contains a tabular view of both summary and underlying data. Click Download to download a .csv file.
    • Crosstab – creates a .csv file of data organized in an easily readable crosstab that can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

List of Dashboards

Each dashboard displays a different category of data. The following dashboards are available:

What's Next?

Choose a dashboard from the list or see Data-Feeds.