B2B Customer Care 101

How do I access the B2B Gateway?

Access to the WLW Platform is strictly controlled and restricted to Issuing Partners who can demonstrate their authorization to connect to the platform. Your WLW representative provides the basic credentials needed to access the platform. An authorized Issuing Partner is further identified in the following ways:

  • Resource URL - WLW provides Issuing Partners a unique URL that must be used as the prefix for the API request.

  • Authentication header - WLW assigns each Issuing Partner an authorization token. Every B2B API request must include that authorized token in the header of the request.

Before you design your support site to integrate with WLW's B2B Customer Care API, ensure that you:

  • Use secure communication - All communication, regardless of transport, needs to run over a TLS encrypted (HTTPS) session.

  • Ignore unneeded response content - When parsing the JSON response content returned by the B2B server, the best practice is to ignore attributes that are not relevant to your specific request. This technique optimizes your performance results and prevents backwards compatibility issues if new properties are added in the future that do not apply to your implementation.

  • Convert timestamps - All dates and times returned by the B2B server are in Java Epoch time. You will need to convert the epoch value to a human-readable, valid date and time before displaying it in your support site.

What's next?

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