Notification Campaigns

The campaign portal also provides a basic UI for desigining notification or message campaigns.

Notification campaigns are a set of specifications that use push-notifications to notifiy mobile wallet users about a specific event or offer. Notification campaigns (also called Message campaigns) send notifications to all of the Issuing Partner's wallet users. You can design notification campaigns using the notification APIs (see you WLW representative for the WLW Offer API Guide for more details) or using the Message component of the SSP.

Notification campaigns are separate from Offer campaigns but you can design them around an existing Offer campaign to notify users of upcoming offers or end dates. Or you can create a notification of an event or just a message that is not linked to an Offer.

You can also use the Notification APIs to design a notification campaign. Notification campaigns can:

  • Notify all of an Issuing Partner's registered users about an offer or event.
  • Filter the notification list to a specific subset of those users based on location.
  • Filter the notification list using a set of WLW customer IDs or a list of externally-generated IDs.
  • Set target dates to indicate when the notification are sent to targeted customers.

A Notification campaign has three components:

  1. Campaign details - parameters that define the campaign. These parameters get processed and given a separate, unique customer targeting spec URI.
  2. Customer target specification - these parameters identify the users who will get this notification. See Targeting a Notification Campaigns for more information.
  3. Connecting to an Offer Campaign - Optionally, you can link the notification campaign to an offer. This does not have an effect on the processing of either campaign. It is provided just as a convenience. See Connecting Notifications to Offer Campaigns.

This document describes notification campaigns: