Connecting Notification Campaigns to Offers

If the user designing the notification campaign also has the portal user security role, the Connect screen displays and asks Would you like to connect this message to an existing offer campaign?

This is an optional choice that links a notification campaign to an existing offer campaign. Choosing Yes associates the message campaign with an offer campaign on the campaign status screens. It has no processing effect on either the offer campaign or the notification campaign. It is just provided as a convenience to remind you that a particular offer campaign as an associated notification campaign.

Use the Yes/No slider to indicate if you want this notification campaign to be linked to an offer campaign. A list of campaigns and their status displays. Check the campaign in the first left column to link it to this notification campaign. When a notification campaign is linked, the campaign name displays on the notification summary and on the campaign status screen.

If your user roles include Notification user or notification approver, you can also create a linked Notification Campaign from the Offer Summary page of the Offer Campaign.