Targeting Users in Notification Campaigns

The Targeting screen shows the number of users the notification campaign is targeting based on all the users registered with the Issuing Partner.

Use the Select users pull-down to identify the scope of your notification targeting:

Option Description
all registered users Targets all wallet users registered to the IP. This is the default setting.
users registered in... Begin entering text to see the locations available. An appropriate zip code or location is displayed based on the Ad Network and Merchant and the number of targeted users adjusts. Use the Refresh button to see the adjusted number of targeted users. If there are no Issuing Partner's registered users in that location, the number of targeted users may go to zero. Use add condition to define a list by excluding locations or to combine conditions. When all the conditions are set, you can click Save formula to store the location formula for later use.
an uploaded list You can drag a .csv file of specific customer IDs here and use click to upload to upload the file. See Upload file format for more information.
A saved location list formula Select a previously saved formula.

These conditions can be combined by adding more conditions. Conditions can also be used to narrow the customers if you select Don't send this message to...

You can save the formula so it can also be used on other campaigns.

When the filtering options are set, click Next.

Upload file format

To upload customer IDs for notifications, create a .csv file in the following format:

  • Line 1: TenantUri,PartnerUri
  • Subsequent Lines: One ID, either CustomerUri or externalID.

The entire file must contain the same type of IDs (CustomerUri or externalId) with no trailing commas.

When uploading a list of users to target, you must specify whether the uploaded list contains customer URIs or external IDs. You cannot have a mix of URIs and IDs in the file. If a file is uploaded, it is processed on the night before the Message Campaign is scheduled to start (if the campaign is activated).