Get payment approval

Important: Integration with checkout.js V3.5 is Deprecated. For the latest integration information, see the PayPal Express Checkout Integration Guide.

To get payment approval for an Express Checkout payment, redirect the buyer to the approval URL from the create payment response.

On this page, the buyer logs in to PayPal, reviews the payment, selects a shipping and funding source, and clicks Continue to approve the payment.

The approval action redirects the buyer to the return URL with the payer ID and payment ID values appended.

For example:

Note: The return URL is the value that you specified in the return_url parameter in the create payment request.

If you specified the ID of a web experience profile when you created the payment, the buyer's payment experience is customized with your company brand, logo, and so on.


Next, you can optionally show payment details to the buyer on a confirmation page or you can use the payer ID from the return URL as an input parameter to execute the payment.