PayPal Express Checkout Integration

Express Checkout gives your buyers a simplified checkout experience that keeps them local to your website or mobile app throughout the payment authorization process and lets them use their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card to pay without sharing or entering any sensitive information on your site.

Smart Payment Buttons

Express Checkout's Smart Payment Buttons provide a variety of button customization options, such as color, language, shape, and multiple button layout. With multiple button layout, you can offer buyers local funding sources or alternative payment methods, such as Venmo. Based on your specific configuration and a buyer's location and cookies, PayPal dynamically presents the appropriate funding sources to give your buyers more ways to pay.

Horizontally displayed buttons

If space is limited or you already provide alternative payment methods, you can display buttons horizontally:

Vertically displayed buttons

If you want to add multiple alternative payment methods, you can display buttons vertically:

You can also opt into or out of specific funding sources. For more information see, Customize the PayPal Button.

How Express Checkout works

The Express Checkout flow keeps the buyer on your web page or mobile app throughout the entire checkout flow. On desktops, buyers check out in a secure window that overlays your website. On tablets and smart phones, buyers access the PayPal payment screens in a full-page mobile browser.

  1. When a buyer clicks the PayPal button, your app sets up the payment and begins the checkout in a PayPal popup window.
  2. The buyer logs in to PayPal. Or, if the buyer previously enabled PayPal One Touch, they are logged in automatically.
  3. The buyer reviews and authorizes the payment.
  4. PayPal returns control to your app to finalize the payment. Your app can optionally show the payment details on a confirmation page.


Express Checkout is available in any country where PayPal is accepted.


To get started, add the PayPal button to your webpage or app.