Status Check Implementation


Perform this check at any time to determine whether or not a merchant has already enabled PayPal Here.

Note: It is recommended that partners implement the status check immediately after the permissions flow. If the status check fails, send the merchant through the registration process.

To complete this check, take the access token generated in the permissions guide and call the /status endpoint.

curl -X GET \
  -H 'authorization: Bearer {access_token_of_merchant}' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json'
$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => "",
    "authorization: Bearer {access_token_of_merchant}",
    "content-type: application/json"

$response = curl_exec($curl);
$err = curl_error($curl);

OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient();

Request request = new Request.Builder()
  .addHeader("content-type", "application/json")
  .addHeader("authorization", "Bearer {access_token_of_merchant}")

Response response = client.newCall(request).execute();

Response from the call to the /status endpoint:

  "status": "ready",
  "paymentTypes": [

Success response

A successful response will include:

  • status field
  • paymentTypes object
  • other fields


Make sure that the status is ready and the paymentTypes object includes either card for the US or chip for the UK and AU. The combination of those values in the response indicates that your merchant has enabled PayPal Here on their business account and is ready for processing.


  • If the status is not ready or the payment types of card or chip are not present, you must send the merchant through the registration process for their respective region.
  • If the status check is successful, you are ready to start working with our SDK.