Using shopping carts

Shopping carts allow online customers to browse items, make multiple selections, view shipping, taxes and other costs up front, and then pay for all items in a single payment. Shopping carts don't actually process payments, they simply consolidate all payment items into a single payment.

The following topics describe the available shopping cart options:

Third-party shopping carts

For a complete list of PayPal partners who provide a wide range of solutions, including online stores and shopping carts, see PayPal Partner Solutions.

To use a third-party shopping cart, you need to set up third-party permissions for the provider as described in Granting a third party permissions. For additional instructions, refer to the documentation from the shopping cart provider. No shopping cart specific instructions are available on this site. For transaction errors, see API error codes.

PayPal Payments Standard shopping cart buttons

To quickly and easily implement a shopping cart on your existing website, you can use the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons available with PayPal Payments Standard. For complete details, see PayPal Shopping Cart – Add to Cart and View Cart Buttons.