Use Templates


Create third-party invoicing apps

You can offer template functionality to merchants through a third-party invoicing app.

Your app can call list templates to construct a list of templates with template IDs. Merchants can select a template from this list.

To filter which template attributes appear in the list, use the fields query parameter. To return only the template name, ID, and default attributes, set fields to none. To return all fields, set fields to all. Default is all.

When a merchant selects a template from the list, your app can:

  1. Use the id of the selected template to show template details.
  2. Use template_info from the show template details call to populate your own Create invoice form, and use the returned settings to show or hide fields as appropriate.

Note: When you add an id to an invoice, it does not automatically import information from the template.

See a sample request and sample response to create a template.

Manage templates

To list templates, view template details, and delete templates, use the Template Settings page.

To re-create the Template Settings page in an app, call these methods:


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