Switch Between Domestic and Cross-Border Payments in Your Checkout Integration

PayPal currently supports Indian Rupee (INR) as transaction currency only for checkouts by consumers in India with Indian PayPal accounts. A consumer with PayPal account issued outside of India will be unable to transact in INR via PayPal. Merchants and partners are advised that they present product prices to Indian consumers in INR and to consumers outside India in currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc. This presentation strategy is critical to provide the optimum user experience in consumer flows and reduce declines on the account.

To present the currency code correctly, the merchant or partner can implement a currency switch. Some examples of how a merchant or partner can implement this currency switch include:

  • Providing a currency drop-down menu to the consumer to select the transaction currency of choice.

    Note: International consumers should NOT be presented INR as a currency choice. Indian consumers should be presented INR only.

  • Detecting the IP address of the consumer, and presenting the appropriate currency code to the consumer.
  • Presenting the currency code based on the shipping address.
  • Any other method that identifies the consumer's country and presents the appropriate currency.


  • There is a possibility that the consumer's billing address and shipping address are different. Merchants and partners should present messages to the consumers so that the consumer makes the right choice of currency.
  • If you present the user with a basket of currencies, place INR separately from the rest of the international currencies.
  • By default, do not have any currency selected.