Identity API

See Identity API for details on the API calls you need to make and the responses to expect.

Button Builder

See the Log in with PayPal Button Builder for a step-by-step guide to creating a Log in with PayPal button.


See FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.

Scope attributes

The following table shows how the user attributes map to the OpenID connect protocols.

User attribute Category Scope value
None Basic Authentication openid
Full name Personal Information profile
Email address Address Information email
Street address Address Information address
City Address Information address
State Address Information address
Country Address Information address
Zip code Address Information address
Account verification status Account Information

This tells you if the customer has a verified PayPal account.
PayPal account ID (payer ID) Account information

This is the user's unique PayPal account ID used in PayPal APIs such as the Payouts API

Log in with PayPal legacy integrations

For Log in with PayPal legacy integrations (prior to January 2018), replace the /connect with /signin/authorize in your links, for example, instead of[client id]&scope=[list of scopes]&redirect_uri=[return URL]

Log in with PayPal legacy integrations (prior to January 2018) use:[client id]&scope=[list of scopes]&redirect_uri=[return URL]


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